• Porscha Natasha Brown

V is for Voting Your Values

[And also, for Victory!]

I was just endorsed by LGBTQ Victory Fund! Victory Fund only endorses candidates who will be strong voices for equality and who prove they are building a campaign that is heading toward victory.

LGBTQ people are 4.5 percent of the U.S. population but hold only 0.18 percent of elected

positions nationwide. We need more diverse voices in office.

Likewise, I hope I can count on you to get out the vote for this 2022 Texas Primary Election. Primary Elections are critically important, especially for Texans who would like to see more Progressive policies enacted at the local and state level.

The data tells us that voter turnout is low in Texas Primary Elections. Additionally, Texas is a young state, in fact, it's one of the states with the lowest median age in the country. However, habitual voters tend to be older, over the age of 65. Moreover, most voters tend to be White. Unfortunately, this is not representative of the vast diversity present in Texas.

Low voter participation makes it that much harder for progressive candidates, like me, to run for office. This is on top of the multitude of additional obstacles that lower income, youth, and/or minorities face as candidates on the ballot. Primary Elections, help level the playing field by increasing competition and giving voters more candidates to consider for a given party. That said, I hope you do your part to help get out the vote on March 1 for the Texas Democratic Primary.

Have you voted? Have your loved ones voted? Have you checked in on your friends and co-workers to see if they have cast their ballots? Perhaps, you know someone who needs a ride to the polls? Remember, sample ballots are the best way to be prepared for all races in an Election. Make sure your network has all they need to vote in the Primary Election, such as polling locations and proper identification. Check out my blog with Election Resources.

Here is some more information on Texas voter turnout.

Texas Secretary of State | Turnout and Voter Registration Figures

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Children's Defense Fund Texas | The Kids Are Not The Problem: Promoting Civic Empowerment in Texas’ Youth When Participation Is Revolutionary

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