• Porscha Natasha Brown

My First Endorsement

Today I am humbled to receive my first endorsement on the campaign trail! I am so pumped and appreciative of the Greater Heights Democratic Club. I am confident my work ethic, values, and commitment shine through to voters.

A Quick Look at Some Numbers

Can you help me on the campaign trail? I want to reach as many voters as possible. In the 2018 midterm elections, Harris County had 167,982 voters! That is a lot of voters for me to reach!

Let's break down the election. The March Primaries have multiple races at the State and Local levels. In the Misdemeanor Court System of Harris County, there are sixteen courts! That is sixteen misdemeanor judges alone. On top of misdemeanor courts, there are appeals and district courts (which include criminal, civil, family, and juvenile courts)! Many of these court judges will be on the ballot for the March 2022 Primary Election.

Needless to say, the Midterm Election is a huge election with many races on the ballot. This makes it hard for voters to stay updated and informed of the best candidate for every single race on the ballot, which is understandable. It's easy to know who you support for Governor of Texas, for example. However, it's a little harder to know who to support for Criminal Court at Law Numbers 1 to 16.

In fact, sometimes voters will undervote, or not cast a ballot for races like mine. In 2018, my court received 36,296 undervotes, or 21.61% of voters didn't vote in this race. Of course, the race was uncontested with one person on the ballot. In Criminal Court Number 5, there were three candidates on the ballot and still, there were 29,269 undervotes. This means, in 2018, for a Criminal Court race with three candidates (like my race), 17.42% of voters did not cast a ballot. This easily impacts races like mine and I want to ensure every voter is as informed as possible on Criminal Court at Law Number 3.

Can you help me? Can you take yard sign or two? (They are free :) Can you sign up to Phone or Text Bank? Can you Block walk with me? Can you Block walk your own neighborhood? We have a lot of work to do for not only my race and my election, but to ensure voters understand how large and impactful the Primary Election is. Let's put in the work together!

About the Greater Heights Democratic Club

The Greater Heights Democratic Club is a neighborhood-based subgroup in affiliation with the Harris County Democratic Party. The club promotes civic volunteerism for many local projects in the Greater Heights area and aims to inform the community by connecting voters to officials who are involved and are accountable with our governance. Follow them on Facebook!

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